OGN Overwatch APEX Quarter Finals: 11/21/2016 Rogue vs. EnVyUs

We’re getting close, folks! The end of OGN Overwatch APEX Season 1 is on the horizon, and only the best of the best remain. In fact, the game we’re going to take a look at here was a highly anticipated rematch in the Quarter Finals between Rogue and EnVyUs. As you’re probably aware, Rogue pulled off a major upset against EnVyUs at ESL’s Atlantic Showdown back in August, and they’ve been an absolute juggernaut ever since. Yesterday, the two would meet again in front of a packed house in Seoul, South Korea with their tournament lives on the line.

Map 1 was Ilios, and it was all about Rogue from start to finish. They took the point very quickly in round 1, and were able to hold it with some Soldier 76 ownage by TviQ. AKM’s Tracer was also a major nuisance in the backfield, providing some invaluable harassment that softened up some targets before they reached the node, leading to a sound victory. In round 2, EnVyUs did take the point early, but Rogue flipped it immediately before encountering some trouble. AKM switched to Pharah and managed to reset the encounter with an ultra barrage, but EnVyUs’ Mickie (D.Va) and Taimou (Roadhog) eventually cleared the node, pushing the round to overtime, where a nano boosted TviQ pulled off some heroics to give Rogue a 1-0 lead.


The back-and-forth drama that defines this match-up really started in Map 2, which was King’s Row. Rogue came out with a weird tank line featuring Zarya, Roadhog, Dva and Winston, but they wiped hard once Taimou’s nano boosted Reaper factored into the equation. From there, EnVyUs had a fairly easy time holding the payload with some D.Va mitigation by Mickie, and went on to take the first point.After that, it was pure chaos. Both teams had clutch DPS performances from Harryhook (EnVyUs, McCree) and TviQ (Rogue, Soldier 76), but in the end, EnVyUs would have too much to deal with and drop the point to Rogue, forcing a sudden death match. In sudden death, Rogue looked like they would take the point easily, but EnVyUs flipped the node at 82% after Mickie (D.Va) knocked Rogue’s Winston off the map.They would go on to win the map, tying the game at 1-1.


Map 3 was Hanamura, and it was another firecracker. Rogue looked a little off at the start of this round, with AKM’s Tracer getting one-shotted by Taimou’s Roadhog twice. They would eventually take node A, but would struggle to do anything significant at node B. Taimou was nothing short of dominant with Roadhog, getting several clutch hook kills that really served as the bulwark of EnVyUs’ defense. Mickie also provided assistance, once again eating up a lot of TviQ’s visor damage. However, Rogue would go on to push this game into sudden death as well after pulling it together in round 2, subsequently winning this game entirely with some excellent graviton surges and, of course, TviQ DPS. At 2-1, Rogue forced EnVyUs’ hand in the next two rounds at match point.

EnVyUs_Taimou’s key positioning.
Rogue_TivQ with Nano Boost in sudden death.

Maps 4 and 5 were surprisingly uneventful. Gibraltar is always a little dull, as it has a meat-grinder corridor. EnVyUs held on for a win there, pushing the 2-2 game to match point yet again at Eichenwalde, where some massive damage by Mickie’s D.Va and Harryhook carried the team to a 3-2 victory, eliminating Rogue from APEX in upset form.

While it was a great game all around, the meta change with Soldier 76 did come into question. It’s easy enough to ban Sombra from the event, but you can’t really just roll back a patch to the game mechanics for a tournament. Rogue’s TviQ shared his thoughts on Twitter, though EnVyUs was also dealing with roster changes on top of a meta shift.

The other Quarter Final match yesterday had KongDoo Uncia romping on Korea favorites, Lunatic-Hai. Two upsets in the Quarters! What a way to start the playoffs. BK Stars will face off against Afreeca Freecs Blue on the 23rd, and EnVyUs will play KongDoo Uncia on the 25th in the Semis. Watch the full match between Rogue and EnVyUS here, and check back for more OGN Overwatch dramatics in the days to come!

Bracket found at teamliquid.net





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