How To Troll The Media, ft Pewdiepie

Everyone and their mothers have heard of Pewdiepie, the Swedish youtuber and biggest channel there is. I’d be willing to bet that most of them have also heard about his promise that he’d delete his channel once he reached 50 million subscribers, something never done before. And he did. Just not the one you expected.
A little backstory. Recently, YouTube updated their site, and something changed quite drastically. No longer did new videos appear in your subscriber box; instead, older videos from sometimes over a year old were pushed instead. While this may seem like a great idea, it ended up halving the views on newer videos, meaning channels that rely on YouTube for their income (Pewdiepie, H3H3 Productions, eMBeaR and various others of all sizes for example) were losing out. And as the biggest Youtuber out there, Pewdiepie decided to take action. After constantly contacting YouTube about it and getting no explanation, he decided to make a bold declaration; he would delete his YouTube channel once he reached 50 million subscribers.
After this announcement, the media exploded. Countless outlets flocked onto the story, and quite frankly butchered him (a quick Google search will reveal just that). Many called him various things, because he earned over $12 million on his videos, so “what did he have to complain about”, right? Wrong. He even mentions in his video that he was standing for all YouTube channels, because it does affect everyone, not just him. Smaller YouTube channels would suffer immensely from this change. No matter who stood up to represent them, the result would still be the same.
What the media didn’t realise however, was that it was all a joke. He hit 50 million subscribers yesterday, and tweeted out how he would delete his channel at 5pm GMT today (British time, as he lives in the UK).
The time approached, and he finally released a video titled “DELETING MY CHANNEL”. In the video, he says how it was a joke that was blown out of proportion, but proceeds to delete his channel; his second channel, titled “Jack Septiceye2” (Jacksepticeye is another youtuber and friend of Felix’s, for clarification).
So there you have it. Regardless of whether you like Felix or not, you can admit that it was well-played. Let us know how you feel about this development, I’d love to hear how you feel, whether you believed he would delete it, or knew about the second channel from the start.

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