Overwatch NGE Winter Premiere Update

Following OGN Apex and the Overwatch World Cup held at Blizzcon a couple months back, Next Generation Esports (NGE) is hosting its own multi-month Overwatch tournament that’s already underway. The Winter Premiere puts $100k on the line for the best teams in the world, and so far, the fireworks have been spectacular. We’re going to take a look now at Fnatic taking on NRG in yesterday’s fourth and final day of the Open Play phase.

Route 66, a payload map, was played first. Fnatic was on defense to start, rolling with four tanks deep. NRG had an aggressive composition which revolved around a Tracer-Genji-Winston composition as they attempted to move the payload. Progress was slow and steady for NRG as they poked and prodded their way to point 2, where Numlock’s Winston provided some crucial harassment on Fnatic’s support players, allowing his team to press on to the final point. Fnatic’s tank defense would prove to be too much in the end, however, as NRG would fall just short of moving the payload to its final destination. Fnatic would actually keep this composition for the rest of their attacking round as well, with an amazing graviton surge by Coolmatt paving the way to a 3-2 match victory.

Ilios, a point-control map, was second up. Unsurprisingly, Fnatic ran with four tanks once again, and, once again, it kept NRG’s aggressive style in check. Fnatic’s Stoop had two fantastic earthshatters in the second match, one of which led to a complete wipe for NRG. Not to go down without a fight, NRG did flip the node at 85% at one point thanks to a clutch self-destruct by Enigma, but it would be too little too late as they would go on to get swept 2-0 on Ilios, being eliminated from the tournament.capture_2016-12-14-21-47-57

The Group Play phase of the Winter Premiere will be next month, and will feature the top eight teams from the Open Play phase: Kingdom esports, Cloud9, compLexity Gaming, Immortals, Team Liquid, Kungarna, Luminosity and Fnatic. We’ll bring you more updates as they come in January.

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