Riot Games Partners with BAMtech to Commercialize League of Legends

Yahoo Esports has reported that Riot Games and MLB Advanced Media have agreed to a whopping $50 mil/year guarantee through 2023. The plan will roll out next LoL season, though its impact isn’t expected to be felt until 2018. Riot Games will work with BAMtech, the company that provides streaming services for the MLB, Disney and other media giants, on rolling out region-sensitive programming as to both maximize their plan’s efficiency, and come up with something familiar to each region. Of course, most of you are probably wondering about what this means for the players and teams. Jarred Kennedy, co-head of esports and head of merchandising for Riot Games had this to say:

“There’s more revenue coming into the scene. And that revenue will find its way to players in the form of salaries and to teams in the form of a share of that revenue directly once we get into that next phase of our growth, which is what we talked about last time we were here, that 2018 and beyond partnership.”

The times they are a changin’, esports fans. Blizzard announced Overwatch League, Street Fighter has been doing well on ESPN, professional sports teams are investing in esports teams, and now this mammoth deal between Riot Games and MLB Advanced Media. If you weren’t excited before, you should be getting chills about now.



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