2016 Review Round-Up

Review Round-Up 2016

So, as a small team, with several of us having other financial obligations, or moving across country, we don’t always get to get the games we want, or able to get the reviews out at a timely manner, so this article is for those people that are curious about a game, or are still on the fence. Today, we will be touching on FFXV, Titanfall 2, FIFA 2017, Dragonball Xenoverse 2, F1 2016, World of Final Fantasy, and for shits and giggles, because my Patriots are in the AFC Championship game, Madden 2017.


Final Fantasy XV –


We waited 10 years for this game, it changed names, and director’s. However, was it worth the 10-year wait is the question everyone had. Well, in my opinion, yes and no. The game has a good battle system, characters we will remember, although not for the best of reasons, and a story that starts out well enough, but falters hard in the second half. The game is enjoyable, but honestly, for a 10 year wait, it didn’t feel that great. FFXV is a good game, but not great. 81%.

FIFA 2017 –


FIFA is one of the bestselling games of every year. This season is no different, and was my first time playing it in 10 years. I was excited to finally try out the Journey, which is a fun, enjoyable game mode. However, the controls haven’t changed in the 10 years I’ve played, and that’s not a good thing. This game is for the hardcore soccer/football fans, and isn’t worth playing unless you love the sport. 85%.

F1 2016 –


Formula One, a racing sport that is stupidly popular outside of the U.S. and one of the greatest weekends you can ever go to. The games, on the other hand, have not always been enjoyable except for the hardcore F1 fans. 2015 went backwards, and 2016 has gone forward by leaps and bounds. The game, for the first time in forever, feels like a great racer, something everyone can pick up. The career mode is fun, albeit easy, and not enough choices, or choices that don’t make sense. You can literally start off in one of the top 3 cars, instead of having to climb your way up the ranks. It’s not hard to take a Sauber and win the World Championship, but all of this doesn’t matter, since the race weekends are fun, the season is great, and you can race an arcade like style, or you can go full on simulation. 90%.

World of Final Fantasy –


This game…is something that will tear people apart, friendships will break, and it is one of the most divisive games I’ve ever played. The cute little characters are alright, but they ruin the more mature feels of some of the other characters. Jokes of Lightning actually smiling were flying for a while. The game really strives to go off of a nostalgic feel. WoFF has a nice stacking system, and the battles work, but I felt like I was playing a PS1 game that didn’t age well. The story is weak, and stretched thinly. Overall, if you love Turn Based style fighting, and want to have some fun, this game is for you, if you prefer a good story, and don’t want to live in a nostalgic box, I would avoid it. 67%.

Madden 2017 –


This game was released quite some time ago, but it was brought up in a discussion, so I decided to add it, as we are finishing the NFL Season (Go Pats). Madden is the only football game we get, and it has shown in past seasons with them just releasing it, and us football fans having no choice. They got complacent with what they released, but EA finally listened (shocker) and made 2017 a better game, overall. While it’s not perfect, and the straight up run will almost always get you 5+ yards every time, it did make the passing more intuitive, the running was fun, and the games flowed well. Overall, Madden is a good game for football fans, and now, can be found for a decent price. 76%.

Dragonball Xenoverse 2 –


Much like Xenoverse, this game allows for good customization, and has an MMO like feel to it. Taking place in the Dragonball universe, you have several options of what your character can be, from a Frieza like character, to Saiyan, to Namek, and human. Xenoverse does a great job of immersing you into the series, from the Saiyan saga all the way to the Buu saga, but with time rifts, which changes things, partially. Unlike previous, non Xenoverse, DBZ games, this game does a good job of putting you in the action. Good fighting overall, with pretty graphics, the game is worth it for all fighter fans, and anime fans. 78%.

Titanfall 2 –


I saved this game for last, mostly due to the fact that, in my opinion, it’s one of the best games of 2016. Titanfall, the original, killed itself by not giving people like me a good, solid campaign. Well, the developers listened, and gave Titanfall 2 a BRILLIANT campaign. You play as Cooper, a rifleman who is training to become a Pilot. However, before you get the chance, there is an attack, and the game thrust you into action. You watch as your mentor dies, and his unit, BT 7274, takes you as his pilot. Now, BT is one of the best characters in a game to this day. His robotic sense of morality, along with him trying to understand sarcasm, humor, love, is beyond measurable. BT is up there with Legion as one of the best robotic characters of all time. You feel attached to him, and it’s amazing. Now, DOOM does shooting correctly, but the campaign was a basic, simple, shoot everything campaign. DOOM does what it does great, but it does 1 thing. Titanfall 2 has the trifecta, great characters, brilliant campaign, and a solid Multiplayer. The MP hasn’t changed much from the first, but that isn’t a bad thing. You have some great gameplay options, and you can enjoy any kind of style. The mechs are fun, and they each control differently. The only bad part of this game, honestly, is the loading times between missions. 92%.

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