Dark Souls III: The Ringed City Trailer Analysis and Theories

Just when I thought I wouldn’t be writing about Dark Souls for a while, From Software decide to drop the announcement trailer for the second DLC. Praise be to Miyazaki. Let’s get stuck into this analysis. BE WARNED THAT THIS WILL OBVIOUSLY CONTAIN TRAILER SPOILERS AS WELL AS MY OWN THEORIES ON WHAT WE’RE BEING SHOWN. NOTHING IS CONFIRMED, THESE ARE ALL THEORIES.
So we open with a black screen, as the usual narrator says “The close of the Age of Fire”. The Dark Sign then fades in, as that spine-tingling music Souls always nails picks up. The Sign fades to white, as the narrator continues: “The Ringed City is said to be at World’s End”. The Dark Sign then fades away, and a smashed city that intriguingly resembles the area overlooking the final boss fight fades in. The camera then pans back as we hear “past this heap of rubbish”, and see a character dressed as one of the Pilgrims of Londor (big factor there, as many fans theorised that Londor, the land of hollows, would be the main focus of the second DLC. While this doesn’t confirm it, it certainly strengthens that theory). She then follows up with “as far as one can go”, assumedly referring to the fact that this city is at the end of the world (be it the literal end of the world, or a place that is positioned on the edge of the world and the Abyss.

The next shot we see is of a swampy area, with a tree in the background, and a destroyed structure covered in crystals. A weird creature stands by it, as a similar one scurries past. This is followed by another shot of the collapsed city, with the remains of a windmill and tree roots growing nearby. This leads to a panoramic shot of a lone building, which resembles a cathedral, standing on a rock pillar, unconnected from everything else.

We’re then shown a Lothric Knight (a returning enemy) holding a banner that emits some sort of miracle (at least it looks like one anyway) while another Knight kneels before him (probably another Lothric Knight but the armour looks slightly different). This is then followed by the player character backing away from a crawling enemy, and activates a weapon made of magic from a hilt in his hand, ala Star Wars style – likely a weapon of the same type as Farron Flashsword and Soul Greatsword; magic spells that creates magic sword blades from the end of your staff. After this we see a person wearing robes we haven’t seen before, who then fires a bow made of lightning (almost definitely a new miracle).

Next we’re shown what will likely be the bosses of the DLC (or some at least, though it wouldn’t be the first time From Software showed every boss in the DLC via a trailer). We first see a giant in robes smash its hand down into the camera, followed by some kind of moth creature floating up in the air, as it raises its arms. Probably to do something horrific to the player. Next we see a large woman in a white dress, who looks very similar to Gwynevere from Dark Souls 1. She’s holding the shell of an egg, either hatched or smashed, as a gooey substance drips from it. The player character goes to touch it, only for the egg to start shattering, as the large woman watches us with sad eyes. We then see combat with a massive creature that resembles a flaming vampire bat. It shoots fireballs at us from hovering “fire turrets” of sorts – the same kind that the Demons in the Smouldering Lake used, as well as the Pyromancer invader Dunnel from the Ashes of Ariandel dlc.

Then the beast releases a fearsome roar as the flames strengthen, and we fade to the title. The words “The Ringed City” appear underneath, and then we’re given a release date of March 28th.

So the trailer leaves us with many questions and theories. Here is what I think the DLC will focus on, and where it’ll be set;

The Ringed City will be following Slave Knight Gael, who we were introduced to in the last DLC, as he hunts down the Dark Soul of Man for his niece’s painting, who’ll use it to create a new world. It’ll be set in the smashed city that overlooks the Kiln of the First Flame, known as the Ringed City. Londor will feature heavily in it, as it is the Land of Hollows, and Hollows are what man becomes when they lose their humanity, which is a fragment of the Dark Soul. Gwynevere may return, as she is also theorised to be the Queen of Lothric who fled the city, and the giant fire boss we see at the end may be an embodiment of the Chaos Flame, the cause of all Demons and pyromancies. It’s interesting that it uses similar pyromancies to the Demons which inhabit the birthplace of Demons. We’ve already seen the embodiment of all the Lords of Cinder in the final vanilla boss, so is it too hard a stretch to wonder if that’s the case?
One thing is for certain, and it’s that I’m very excited for the final addition to Dark Souls III, and the final voyage into the Souls series. Watch the trailer below:


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