Screen to Shelf: Zero Suit Samus

What’s up everyone! Anthony from Gamers Pantheon here with a figure review on the Zero Suit Samus figma by GoodSmile. Talk about a long awaited figure. The Varia Suit Samus came out in around 2010. So 7 years later we finally have Zero Suit Samus! Was it worth the wait? In many ways, yes!


In terms of comparison sake, she looks fantastic next to the Varia Suit Samus. She fits perfectly in scale and looks beautiful. Her paint job is extremely clean. The metallic blue for her suit really pops and isn’t too glossy but still shines enough to make a really good display piece. The line work throughout is clean with no paint bleeding at all. The same can be said about the logo on her chest as well as her back. It’s all perfect. GoodSmile did a great job on her face as well. They usually get the more anime cartoon style faces great. The realistic ones, not so much. Thankfully, here it’s spot on on both faces.

In terms of accessories she doesn’t come with a whole lot, but she has enough. She comes with two faces, one neutral and one softer looking. An extra head with the short hair from the flashbacks featured in Metroid: Other M, both faces work on either head. A blaster and half a blaster that hits in her holster. The blaster itself is nicely detailed and has a surprising amount of sculpt work for something so small. The paint is clean on the blaster as well. She also has Adam’s helmet. She can’t wear it, but it’s meant to be held like at the end of the game. Lastly, she has a total of 9 hands. 4 left hands and 5 right hands. 2 fists, 2 grabbing hands, 2 open palm hands, 1 trigger finger hand, and 1 thumbs up hand.


Articulation is pretty good on Samus as well. Her head is on a ball peg and can not look up that much, but she can look down very well and side to side just fine. Her arms can stretch out all the way, I love that, as well as go forward and back very far. Something I don’t usually see on figma’s, but do on S.H. Figuarts, is the ability to pull out the arms to allow more range of motion. Pulling out the arms also gives you a type of butterfly joint that allows the arms to twist forward and back. She has a single joint on both elbows and they give way more than 90 degrees and her hands are on ball pegs that allow full range of motion up and down, and side to side.


Her only torso articulation is under her boobs, which is fine. A waist joint would ruin the sculpt in my opinion. But her upper torso can’t bend far back or forward, but it does enough. It also pivots side to side. Her hips can drop down and kick all the way forward, she has a upper thigh swivel, single jointed knee that has a fantastic range of motion. Her ankles are on a ball joint and can bend forward and back and a tiny pivot.


So here’s Samus next to another Nintendo figma, my “Link Between Worlds” Link figma. Link is a smaller figure so she’s a pretty decent size figure for this particular scale.


I highly recommend this figure if you love Metroid, or just figures in general. Her paint job is solid, her accessories are great, and her articulation allows lots of posing options, especially with the figma stand that’s included. I can not praise this figure enough, buy it while you can guys, you’ll love it. It’s simply, amazing.


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