PS4 4.5 Update News

Today, we have some news on Playstations next major system update, 4.50 and all the features that come with it. The official Playstations blog released some information on what to expect.

External hard drive support; space has always been scarce on PS4 without buying a first party hard drive, with this coming update you will be able to use any USB 3.0 hard drive up to 8 Terebytes and save directly to that. The data would be easily accessible from the settings menu, similar to cloud and internal saves. Along with applications that would appear on the home screen for easy accesibility.

The next new feature is the addition of custom wallpapers. Any screen shot you take can be used for your custom background. There should be text shadow and brightness options so your home screen is always visible, plus the ability to edit the screen shots in Share factory to make a true custom wallpaper.

Next, a change to the quick menu (when you hold the ps button and a good selection of options appear) to streamline party options directly from your friends list instead of having to navigate away from gameplay. Along with our last update that redid the UI, this is a great change for accesibility.

Speaking of accesibility, there will be a change to the notifications. Instead of having sub menus for invites, downloads, messages, into a single menu. Along with the ability to customize which notifications appear when you’re playing.

The ability to post on Playstation’s activity feed. For instance under the “What’s New” tab you will now have the option to post videos or screen shots, sharing your experiences with others even easier. You can even tag friends to a specific game or shot to share your moment.

The last feature that was highlighted was 3d Blu-Rays on VR. Adding to the VR experience. Watch in stereoscopic 3D for whole new levels of immersion.

More features will be expected,, I’m sure. Overall, I think this update will be great.

Here’s a link to the original post for those who wish to look into it themselves. Happy gaming!  

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